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Client: HundHund

Fast growth after another agency has failed

At first we lost the deal, but another agency has failed. Later we improved significantly ROAS and revenue within just few months.

HundHund is a fashion label from Berlin. In the beginning the client was negotiating a deal with us and another agency from London. Unfortunately we lost the deal as our competitors were native English and had bigger experience in the fashion industry. However, their practices occurred not to be efficient as they made a lot of basic mistakes, didn’t follow best practices and haven’t tested many creatives what is crucial in the fashion industry. The client canceled the cooperation with them after one month as his ROAS dropped from 5x to 1x.

Later Hund Hund owner came back to our negotiations and we decided to cooperate together. We’ve started with analysis of all the past data gathered by client for previous 2 years, we also took learnings from the London agency failures and did an audit of website conversion rate. We took all the learnings from our analysis and connected them with our own best practices and know-how gained while working with other brands. We also asked the client to do some fixes on the website, especially on homepage which was the main landing page and suffered from worse performance in previous months.

All those changes and new strategies resulted in very satisfying results as in the end we not only recovered the ROAS but we also improved it significantly. Our first campaigns resulted in ROAS of 8 and we doubled the client’s revenue within next few months.

Here are the most important tactics we have used in our strategy that had the biggest impact on results:

  • We’ve tested few new ad formats that haven’t been tested previously on the ad account, including graphic post which we usually find as most efficient ad format in the case of fashion industry. This time we were also right as the new ad format and our creatives resulted in 53% lower Cost Per Click and 35% higher CTR.
  • We restructured the whole remarketing funnel according to our know-how, also adding new targeting options that haven’t been used in the past neither by the client nor the previous agency. Two examples of such well working new remarketing audiences are people who engaged with ads previously and users who visit the website frequently (at least few times within last few months), but haven’t purchased yet.

We did a lot of split tests of new prospecting target audiences and we found few that were at least as good as Lookalikes that have worked well previously on the ad account. By finding new potential audiences we were able to scale revenue easier and faster within next months of cooperation.

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