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Client: Displate

Innovative Dynamic Product Ads campaign

We've made one of the very first DABA campaigns on Facebook Ads built out of collections instead of single products, which provided stunning results.
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We’ve prepared an innovative Dynamic Ads campaign for Broad Audiences (DABA), that provided one of the best results in the ad account history for the client from home decor industry. Our strategy was based on the general recommendations from Facebook representatives we and the client were cooperating with. However, the first tests based on initial guidelines provided unsatisfying results, so we decided to made significant changes into many aspects of the strategy. This way we created one of the very first DABA campaigns on Facebook Ads built out of collections of many products, instead of single items (which is a standard practice). That was a great solution for Displate, as they focus on promotion of many products that are made in the same style and theme, gathered into thousands of collections. In the other hand that wasn’t a standard Facebook DABA campaign solution and in order to make this we needed to cooperate with Displate’s IT developers who had to create a specific product feed based on collections which was later used in the campaign.

Based on our experience we know that uncommon campaigns like this one, not standard ad formats and creatives can provide really amazing results. It happens this way as FB users like ads that stand out as they attract users’ attention and encourage them to check an offer. It worked this way also in case of this campaign which was very efficient almost for the very beginning. Additionally since it was a DABA campaign which is supposed to be targeted to really wide target audiences, we were able to run it for 10 months before we needed to do some changes in order to keep the ROAS on the same level. That was one of the longest campaigns run by our team and during this period it generated more than 1 million USD of income for our client.

More results from the campaign:

Campaign duration: 10 months

Revenue:  more than 1 million USD

Add To cart conversions: 111,5 thousand

Link Clicks: 3,2 million

Reach: 31,4 million of people

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