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Client: Capboom

6 figures after four months of cooperation

We encouraged the inventor of Capboom to rebuild their website from scratch. After that change their revenue skyrocketed rapidly.
0 figures IN REVENUE

The inventor of Capboom – Shooting Bottle Opener had tried traditional and B2B sales for over 1 year with ups and downs before he decided to start selling online. When we teamed up the client had already a website, but our first impression wasn’t good as his store was far away from being even acceptable. We went straight forward – “if we manage to break even with the current website it will be actually a great sign, as then we will rebuild it from scratch with our suggestions and easily make money on this product”.

Our intuition was right as that was exactly what happened – our first test barely broke even, so we changed the shopping platform for Shopify and the client implemented some solutions according to our suggestions. When the new website was ready we relaunched Facebook Ads campaigns and immediately got positive results.

The next step was to improve ROAS and find possibilities to scale, we started testing  many new target audiences, creatives and strategies. With quite low budget we needed about 2 months to finish all most important tests and figure out what’s working best. At that point Capboom owner asked us to scale up their revenue as fast as possible, so we used our know-how and implemented few scaling strategies for Facebook Ads that helped us to achieve amazing results in a short time:

  • Duplication of existing ad sets with much higher budget, sometimes with slightly different manual bids
  • In the case of campaigns with budget on the ad set level we were increasing budget by 15-20% on daily basis by using automated rules
  • Increasing budget by up to 40% in the case of CBO campaigns

With this scaling strategy we hit 6 figures just in the 4th month of our cooperation.


Here are most important tools that we used to build the whole advertising funnel:

  • Facebook Ads: Lookalikes, Interest targeting, Dynamic Product Ads, Campaign Budget Optimization, Dynamic Creatives Test feature, High Intent Users Retargeting, Video Views Retargeting, Post Engagers Retargeting.
  • Google Ads: Search campaigns, Remarketing List Search Ads, GDN Remarketing, Shopping Ads, Youtube Ads prospecting and remarketing campaigns, Custom Intent Audiences.

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